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How to Reduce Fertility Stress

Updated: May 9, 2019

Sarah Banks knows what it's like to want a baby desperately and to feel the grief every month that she still wasn't pregnant.

Sarah and her husband tried for a baby for four years before going down the assisted conception route. She says her life felt like it was on hold and out of her control while others around her were moving forward with theirs.

She also understands that beginning fertility treatment can be the start of a whole new set of problems and worries and the daily scans, hormone drugs and waiting can be an extremely distressing process.

As she began her second round of treatment Sarah knew she wasn't in the right frame of mind. She was convinced it was never going to happen she'd never be a mum. So she made a decision at that point to go and see a life coach who helped her reframe the way she was thinking and manage her anxiety.

That made a huge difference to the way she was feeling about the process. Well she was blessed with her little boy Jack and believes that the coaching she received played a part in her conceiving on the second transfer.

So she left her job as a senior retail buyer and retrained in personal development coaching and now works as a fertility mentor and coach helping individuals and couples who are struggling with infertility and going through fertility treatments.

Sarah feels honoured to be working with people on their incredibly difficult journey. Helping them to feel less anxious and more positive going forward on their fertility journey.

Sarah's wise words from this show - "To me emotional strength means keeping going when you feel like your heart is literally breaking. So using that desire you've got for something, so in my case the desire for a baby, to keep fighting keep trying and just picking myself up again. Month after month to try again and that was what kept me going.

I had to keep going because I desperately wanted a baby so for me the emotional strength was using that desire I had and being proud of myself there I was keeping myself going. I did all my injections myself again because I kept thinking this will get me closer to having a baby and I'm proud of the fact that I'd picked myself up every month although it was very difficult.

I used that desire as my motivation to just keep going every month has to get to what I wanted."

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