• Diana Rickman

EFT - Tapping therapy - What is emotional freedom technique?

Emotional Freedom Technique! is the first thing I use when life throws up emotional obstacles, hurts or dramas. I've been using EFT to support my own emotional health now since 2002.

What I love most about EFT is that you can use it anytime, anywhere on anything, you don't need any equipment or any specialist training to get started just a problem or event in your life that's troubling you and a desire to honestly and openly explore the reason why you are reacting in this way.

EFT or Tapping Therapy is a branch of energy psychology created by Gary Craig in the 1990's. It's a form of psychological acupressure that addresses the mind/body connection using a combination of the energy system of acupuncture meridians and talk therapy and it integrates perfectly with other forms of wellness practice or counselling.

Coaching with EFT involves tapping on acupressure points with your fingertips to stimulate meridians on your head and chest while focusing on an emotion, belief, physical sensation or events from the past which affect your emotional health today. This gentle technique minimises the distress of revisiting painful memories, physical sensations and emotions.

EFT is different and can seem a bit strange and challenging at first. 'Weird' and 'out there' are some of the comments I've heard when explaining the tapping sequence to people but the truth is the human brain loves novelty and if you keep finding yourself returning to patterns of unwanted behaviour EFT might be the approach that finally clears that response.

You don't have to believe in EFT for it to work, just be open enough to give it a go and brave enough to say what you're really thinking.

When you clear the emotional blocks that cause pain and conflict within your body you can deal with life in an emotionally strong and healthy way. Feel motivated, achieve your goals, begin to trust and value your feelings again!

Acknowledging how you really feel can seem wrong. Why do you have to be so negative when using EFT, what about the positive? Saying out loud the real truth about how you feel about your life, situations, events or relationships and allowing yourself to voice your fears doesn't make you a 'bad' person.

I'm not suggesting you say unkind or thoughtless things to the people you meet. This is about expressing to yourself how you feel. How often have you said, “I’m ok” to the question, “How are you?” when what you'd really like to say “I feel terrible."

EFT allows you to speak 'your truth' and accept yourself anyway.

Without meaning to you might be unwilling to let go of the beliefs you have developed, the way you feel about yourselves or others. All very normal but sometimes the first steps can seem confusing or may bring up unexpected anger, sadness or resistance.

As a trained practitioner I'll show you how to use EFT to break free from negative behaviours and limiting memories, emotions, feelings and beliefs and will guide and coach you as you create a happy and emotionally strong life.


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