• Diana Rickman

Why I chose to be an EFT practitioner …..Or did it choose me?

In 2002 my life changed when I moved with my family to New Zealand. We were beginning a 1 year sabbatical and I was challenged to create a new life away from family and friends.

I had the freedom to spend more time with my young children, something that had been compromised by the long hours I was working freelancing for a web design agency and Apple UK's head office. My husband and I were focused on creating a different life away from the stresses of mortgages and traffic, time to be a family. But, the shift out of my comfort zone knocked me off my feet. I felt lost and small and wondered if it was ever going to work out.

I was experiencing severe homesickness that quickly turned into depression and I was finding it very hard to cope. I felt guilty and embarrassed that I wasn't handling things better, I felt like a failure. I had two young children and knew I didn't want how I was feeling to affect them so I had to do something.

Then, during a visit to the library I read a tiny newspaper article about Gary Craig and EFT tapping. I couldn't believe that something so simple and lets be honest, so strange, could have such a profound effect. In spite of this EFT grabbed my attention and I began using the library to find out everything I could about the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Using EFT I was able to calm my emotions and feelings of sadness and loss. I could acknowledge that I was feeling depressed and accept myself anyway. Within weeks I began to feel more like my old self, I was interested in life again!

I was hooked. 'Try it on everything" says Gary Craig and I did. As my confidence grew using it for myself I started to share it. During the next 3 years I learn't everything I could about EFT.

Our time in New Zealand was a life changer for the whole family. On our return to the UK I began working as a Teachers Aide supporting children with ASD and ADHD. Using EFT I was able to make sure that I got my ego out of the way. It wasn't about what I could do for these children but how I could support them. EFT ensured that I could maintain a calm focused approach.

I experimented with surrogate tapping, tapping on myself for the problems the children I supported were experiencing. I couldn't measure if they experienced improvement as a result of the tapping but I know that my ability to support and encourage the best from them did.

Fast forward to 2006 and we decided to move back to New Zealand permanently. We settled in Hawke's Bay and I began working with adults as an ESOL teacher. I often found myself supporting my students who were experiencing the emotional turmoil of moving to a new country and culture. I understood how that could feel and shared my tapping secret with them.

When I started to work again as a Teachers Aide I was able to use EFT to help me provide a calm and supportive service to the children I worked with and by removing my feelings of stress or expectation I could be more creative in my role.

Finally in 2014 I decided to qualify as a registered EFT practitioner through AAMET. My experiences with EFT have resulted in a passion for the practice and it's now my joy to work coaching people to break free from negative behaviours and limiting memories, emotions, feelings and beliefs and guiding them to re-connect with their own wisdom and create their emotionally strong life.


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