• Diana Rickman

Andrena Forrest - Heal your voice, change your life.

For most of her life Andrena Forrest felt she had no voice and found it easier to stay in the back ground. Then one day, ready for change and adventure she accepted an invitation to visit Australia and 'try it out'.

It was the start of a period of learning, awakening and great change in her life during which she learned and perfected the art of voice analysis after experiencing the profound changes it started in her own life.

Andrena has made it her mission to help others, children and adults to find their voice, confidence and healing.Through her coaching business Soultone she's perfected a system that involves a simple voice analysis and a series of exercises to balance and restore any tones lost through emotional hurt or experiences.

She views the voice as a mirror of the physical and emotional self and an indicator of where there are toxins in the body.

It's her passion and mission to enable everyone to speak their truth.

To learn more about Andrena and her work please head over to her website at www.soultone.com.au

Diana x