• Diana Rickman

Anne Aleckson-The Soul Speaker

Anne Aleckson is The Soul Speaker and she gives a voice to the power within through direct voice channeling.

This is a highly evolved, non-physical stream of consciousness called All-That-Is (ATI for short) and through this voice she helps transform lives through the vibrational frequency of the written and spoken word.

Anne is a contemporary spiritual teacher, producer and host of #MYOVtv, the author of the children’s book My Secret Superhero and the soon to be published Super-Self. She is a contributing author alongside Dr Wayne Dyer and other World leading spiritual and self empowerment teachers in the best selling The Path to Success book and recently contributed to another best-selling offering 365 Ways to Connect with your Soul.

She believes in miracles and is entranced by meaningful co-incidences or synchronicity and enjoys an unwavering optimism and faith in the inherent good of mankind. According to Anne life doesn't have to be hard or complicated and is at its most enjoyable when simplified.

To find out more about Anne and her work head over to her website http://www.soulspeaker.com.au/

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