• Diana Rickman

Barbara Belmont - Speak your truth.

Barbara E Belmont grew up as part of a very large family and learned first hand what its like to have to keep quiet and never have your voice heard. She was expected from an early age to help her parents and siblings in their daily struggle to make ends meet without complaining.

Barbara is an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and we met whilst studying for our level 3 certification with AAMET. We share a similar outlook and passion for EFT.

I have to admit it was difficult editing this conversation as we talked for ages about why we choose EFT, our love for the practice and of course how it can support and nurture your emotional strength. Barbara's growing a practice in New Hampshire in the USA. She specialises in supporting busy business professionals and has a passion for helping people find their voice and express their feelings.

If you'd like to learn more about Barbara you can contact her through her website at www.barbaraebelmont.com

Thanks so much for listening and I look forward to sharing with you next time.

Diana x

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