• Diana Rickman

Rhonda Comins - Healing touch.

Rhonda Comins rekindled her interest in alternative therapies, particularly reflexology when she was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition and set about finding a way to continue bringing joy and working with people in a way that supported her.

Rhonda is now registered as blind and she has found ways to adapt her life and love of working with her hands to support her and bring peace, relaxation and simply share happiness with others. practices the art of reflexology and massage, Her speciality is foot massage and through encouraging deep relaxation she often helps people initiate their own healing by creating balance in their lives.

Through our conversation Rhonda shared some wonderful stories about growing up on a farm with parents who were accepting of alternative approaches to healing and recognised the benefits of meditation.

Rhonda's mother was an accomplished dowser and she shared some fascinating examples of how her mum would use dowsing to locate farm machinery, peacock eggs and plan her business for the coming year using a dowsing pendulum.

If you'd like to learn more about Rhonda you can contact her through this website contact

Thanks so much for listening and I look forward to sharing with you next time.

Diana x

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