• Diana Rickman

Jason Treu-Building Extraordinary Relationships.

When Jason Treu's relationship with his business partner and longstanding friend fell apart and a series of personal losses and misfortune quickly followed he found himself at rock bottom.

His journey back from overwhelm towards a life that felt purposeful and exciting started with the realisation that his best thinking had got him where he was now and so it was time to think differently. Jason is a top business and executive coach, a sales trainer and an author. His No.1 best selling book, Social Wealth -The how to guide to building personal and professional relationships, has now sold over 45,000 copies and reached No.1 on Amazon in numerous self help and business categories.a leading expert on human behaviour, daring leadership and relationship building and he helps executives and entrepreneurs to build key business and personal relationships.

At the heart of his strategy is the understanding that people and relationships are your true wealth.

Jason's passion for his subject is obvious and in our conversation he reflected on a law degree and masters in communications from one of the top universities in the USA that sent him out into the work place with little appreciation for the power of relationships or the skill of asking the 'right' questions. He felt he lacked an understanding of what it is that creates a great relationship and the key to building supportive business and personal connections.

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