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Healing and Reconnecting Through The Divine Feminine After An Abusive Childhood - Hanna Marie Bier

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Hanna Bier was a drunk 20-something trying to find herself in electronic music, parties and alcohol. The abuse she had endured as a child had left her feeling disconnected and lost. Throughout her life she had been struggling with mental illness, with a diagnoses ranging from PTSD, to an anxiety disorder, depression and an eating disorder.

She couldn’t know it then, but dancing her heart out for days set her on a path to being a healer.

In her early twenties, she moved to Bali, Indonesia, with the intention of starting a business and living the tropical island dream.

She was finally free to create life the way she want it, but looking into the future gave her stomach aches and she began to loose confidence in herself.

She knew deep down that she was capable of so much but was exhausted, self-conscious and needed a break to heal. So she rode her scooter around the island. sat in cafes overlooking the rice paddies and scribbled business ideas into a notebook and eventually even though she was scared, she enrolled in coach training school and started on her path of becoming a healer.

Now Hannah says:- "I work with the loveliest of clients, I have become happier than I ever even thought possible and I believe more than ever in the power of following our intuitive guidance!It's been a beautiful, bumpy road and I am infinitely grateful for how perfectly orchestrated it all turned out to be."

Hannah's wise words from the show "Many people come to me and they say I've tried all the coaching, I've been with a therapist for 10 20 30 years even. They've read more books than I ever have. But what often times really makes the biggest difference is the energy healing part and I count EFT as also a part of energy healing. It basically allows us to delete the pain that we carry from our past.

I mean to me it gave me my life back. I don't know if I would be here still because I was suicidal for a long time too. If I hadn't met my mentors and my coaches who taught me how to do that. Who taught me how to heal my family system. Who taught me how to release all this trauma. Who taught me how to have harmony with my past in how to basically delete all the pain that I was carrying around with me. It saves lives."

What emotional strength means to Hannah - "To me emotional strength means trusting that my emotions come with healing gifts and that my emotions are never wrong.

If I feel anger it's because I am in real danger and I need to reinforce my boundaries. If I am in fear I need to run I need to shake I need to act I need to do something. If I feel sadness my body wants to release something.

So to me emotional strength is allowing my emotions to work with me to help me navigate life because I'm looking back at my life and looking at what my clients are going through. I

"I'm really starting to believe that anxiety and depression comes a lot from unexpressed emotions from our childhood where we weren't able to allow our emotions to flow where we weren't able to really follow the guidance that our emotions bring us and to me emotional strength now is doing the opposite. It's using the freedom that I have as an adult to really follow what my emotions tell me to do."

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Hanna Bier is a Soulful Success Coach, Energy Healer, Family Constellation Therapist and a Priestess of the Divine Feminine. She runs the podcast 'Mystics On A Mission Show' and currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She offers 1:1 coaching, E-courses and soulful podcast episodes for kind creatives who don't know how to achieve the success they desire (yet)

You can connect with Hannah here:-

Website - http://www.hannabier.com/

Pinterest https://www.pinterest.nz/hannamariefree/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hannafreespirited/

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