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Amazing Ways to Grow Through Writing - Kenya Sheats

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Kenya Sheats describes herself a natural born writer and her love of writing was the turning point and therapy she needed to recover her emotional strength when she suffered a breakdown following the death of her much loved Grandma and 2 close friends.

It was at her 'rock bottom' moment that Kenya followed the advice of her therapist and turned to her journal. She began recording her thoughts and feelings and this kept her focused on the things she was grateful for and allowed her to express her emotions in a way that made sense to her.

Kenya says "Writing is how I've been able to handle a lot of things and then reading it back to myself. It helps me to understand exactly what I'm going through. Its one thing to be going through something and people can see what your going through from the outside but by writing it down I'm taking my inside and turning it to the outside. I'm flipping the inside out so I can visually see and better understand." She learned the power of seeing her feelings on the page in front of her and the sense of peace and understanding that came from"

When she finished her degree studies Kenya joined corporate America and prepared for the long hours and commitment needed to be successful. But she had a dream to start her own business and took a leap of faith, left her corporate job and started on her entrepreneurial journey. It was tough and for a while she was homeless and living in a shelter in New York City. But she know she wasn't meant to stay there and looks back on that time as a necessary part of her journey towards creating her own business but also to understanding herself.

Kenya's wise words from the show... "Living in a shelter God allowed me to see people who gave up he allowed me to see people who have the gifts and knowledge to deliver them from whatever they're going through but because they're depending on man and not him or they're just unmotivated or just a lack of exposure to what real life can really be helped mold me to say this isn't how I want to become. Writing or my gifts of talking or making people feel good or making them laugh and being a people oriented person this was going to help me be a successful person. I had someone in the shelter tell me 'you're too nice' and I said 'I'm too nice or too nice for NYC?' This is a place where people are not too friendly. Well friendly has gotten me taxi cab rides, free food and woman in the shelter buying me a suitcase because I told her my dreams and she believed in me."

Now Kenya serves the entrepreneurial community with her talents as a content writer and created her business Kenya writeforme where she offers services that run from resume writing public and media relations to content creation for blogs, social media and more.

What emotional strength means to Kenya - "What emotional strength means to me is to really not lean into my own understanding as the word says. When life teaches me something or God reveals something to me I take hede of it and I apply it. Something I had to learn throughout this journey was that I was not in control. I wasn't in control of how people treated me or talked about me or made me feel. I just wasn't in control of other people and because I wasn't in control of others I now had to become in control of myself and understanding that you have to be selective with your surroundings because I guess I can say that I was a people pleaser and not really noticing it but today I do understand that NO is a complete sentence.

So emotional strength is just knowing who you are and being true to yourself. Authenticity is everything to me , I don't pretend to be anyone else but Kenya."

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