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Averil Maher - Aligning heart, mind and spirit

Averil Maher's passion is to see women succeed, whatever their circumstances in life, and help them step into their power to create the life and business they love by aligning their heart, mind and spirit.

Averil has been working in the field of transformation and personal change for over 15 years, both in New Zealand and the UK and she's dedicated to empowering women.

Through her business Celestine Coaching she specialises in working with Small Business Owners to grow their businesses through personal and professional development. Her programs take women business owners through a series of steps that make the journey to abundance exciting and rewarding.

Averil shares her views on the law of attraction and the importance of mindset in achieving financial success in your business.

If you'd like to learn more about Averil and her work please head over to her website Contact Averil for a free 30 minute Clarity Consultation. celestinecoaching.com/skyrocket-your…ching-session/