• Diana Rickman

Danielle Drozd - Confidence Through Courage

Danielle Drozd is a writer, teacher, confidence coach and mentor.

After 14-years in the Blue Chip corporate world of supply chain, Danielle decided to change her life in order to achieve the authentic success she felt she was missing

She shared Her life changing journey, in her debut book I Have a Dream,

She's also published a poetry anthology Voice of the Soul and has just released Confidence through Courage a book based on her experience of growing her own confidence and her work supporting and mentoring.As a confidence coach, Danielle helps her clients get clarity on personal roadblocks, define a route for building confidence, and acts as a cheerleader for taking action.

She lives by the mantra ‘be the best version of you, ignite courage and take action!’

Lots of great tips and advice for growing your own confidence in this episode so grab a pen and paper and get ready to take action

I hope you enjoy our conversation

To find out more about Danielle and her books please head over to her website www.danielledrozd.com or click on the titles below.

I Have a Dream - debut book, teaching memoir

Voice of the soul - poetry anthology

Confidence through courage - self help book on how to learn confidence

Show transcript follows:-

[00:00:00] Thanks so much for joining me.

[00:00:02] Oh thank you. Diana it's really lovely to be back on with you.

[00:00:06] It's been maybe 18 months since we last spoke. You've certainly been very busy. Three books nearly in that time or more.

[00:00:16] I know. It's it's really been a crazy period. And like you said it's been fabulous to reflect actually because it's not often that we stop to look back and think about the things that we've done. And yeah I made quite a life changing decision towards the end of last year. So about six months ago now, to leave my corporate world again and actually focus on finishing my first book. I have a dream kind of because it wasn't getting finished it was close to the end and I really wanted to get it out there but I just couldn't find the time to stop and write I was just so tired and my brain was taken up with my day job. And you know I had to prioritize and stop and reflect. I actually fell quite ill. That made me actually stop for a good two weeks so it gave me that opportunity to reflect kind of back like we've just been doing. But also to reflect forward on what I actually want what my priorities are and you know within that six months since I left I've written three books now so it's kind of like, would I ever have imagined that? Not really.

[00:01:28] I guess you took a leap to take that step away from a job that's supporting you and you're earning a good salary. More than that you know what you're doing there there's no hidden surprises really. But to step out of the world of just being self employed as an author and finish writing your book and who knows if anybody's even going to buy one of them you know where is it going.

[00:01:53] It's like birthing something really it's very personal. You would think it would be emotionally draining but it seems to have been the opposite for you really being trapped in that corporate world seems to have been the draining thing.

[00:02:15] Yeah I mean you're right it is absolutely scary liberating exciting. All at the same time quite emotional actually. It was good to be liberated because I'd made the decision about six months earlier to leave the corporate world and then I was kind of synchronistically drawn back in with an organization that was more of a charity but I thought okay maybe you know a bit longer. So I tried it for a bit longer but we just couldn't do it. You know my heart wasn't there. I wasn't living my values and I was such a want within me to write this book. And as you said you don't know if anybody's going to buy it. So I focussed on my intention you know why is it that I'm writing this book and I kind of wanted to share the experience that I'd had in my life of you know going through divorce, life changes, being on my own, having a new way of living but also the challenges that I'd had within myself within the corporate world and what I was doing and my purpose really. So you know I wanted to share that through this pain the dark side. You can actually discover yourself and come out the other end. And I just wanted it to be a piece of inspirational work really for others feeling the same. Feeling that perhaps there isn't a light at the end of the tunnel and actually do have the strength and confidence within you to be able to take action for you. And you know it's actually an act of self love it's not selfish.

[00:03:54] A lot of people can think well what are you doing you know you're leaving kind of a comfort circle. You're being a bit crazy but actually you're doing something that's good and right for you. And that's the most important thing if we can't have self-love. We can't give that amount of love to anybody else because it starts with us first.

[00:04:13] Absolutely. I love that you say that. You know it's interesting I've spoken this year on the podcast to a large number of authors. People who have written a book as well as the coaching that they're doing or within their day job. They've all felt inspired and drawn to write a book. Actually it's never been about whether someone is going to read it or not. It's more a case of they need to get it out there they need to create it and then sharing it with people came as part of the journey. So as I started writing they could feel this could really help people. And I want to share with people it's interesting the responses from people around around writing a book it wasn't what I was expecting. I thought you just sort of got this idea and you sat down and then you started writing it. It seems to be much more of almost like a rite of passage a journey through a way you're feeling and having to express that and then you're ready to move on afterwards.

[00:05:14] Yeah it's such a special journey. I mean you know when I was actually still working I was waking up really early something like five or six o'clock in the morning and going straight to the kettle and making a herbal tea and straight to my desk because it was all in my head you know the feelings were coming back and I just had to get them out on paper. You know at that point I didn't know that I was going to publish it it was really for me it was such a therapeutic process you know it allowed me to get my thoughts and feelings out and sometimes you don't want to share them with friends because you don't want to bring them into kind of the depressive circle or make them just feel uncomfortable. So it was a different way of expressing myself a kind of liberation therapy. And yeah when it came to the point of actually pressing the publish button as I read through this published channel it was quite scary. You know you kind of wonder well what are people going to think about you because you know it is really deep heart on sleeve type stuff. And you know it actually it felt okay. And the feedback was actually quite wonderful and it actually inspired me to write a poetry anthology Voice Of The Soul because during my time of pain I started writing poetry it was I don't even know where it came from it was just one evening feeling a bit down. I cooked myself lovely meal had a glass of red wine and just grabbed pad and pen and started writing. And again it was one of those I keep calling it liberation therapy actually because you know the words came from nowhere but made me feel good, it made me feel better. It's just like I was getting it all out there and I just hope that I can inspire people you know to liberate themselves really and to empower themselves to make changes that they really, really want in their heart.

[00:07:15] So that's I Have a Dream. And we're not going to have a spoiler here with what the dream was. W'ell let people read that for themselves. And then Voice of the Soul that's your poetry anthology. And now another book Confidence Through Courage.

[00:07:31] Yeah so it's quite exciting because you know through my journey I've learnt that I've built confidence up over the years. You know I started to reflect at the beginning of the book that I was this really shy girl at college. You know I wouldn't really put my hand up and speak unless the teacher particularly asked me for my opinion. And there was just one poignant moment at a parents evening that my parents came home and said you know one of your teachers said they just wish that you would stand on a table and shout. i thought oh my goodness, really you know he just wants me to speak up a bit more. Actually when I reflect now he wanted me to have a voice. You know he knew that was something within me that I had an opinion deep rooted and it needed to come out. And over the years working in a male dominated industry of supply chain and logistics have really had to push myself you know if I wanted to succeed I had to be in charge and responsible for that movement. There was nobody else going to do it for me. I didn't have a mentor in the early days and kind of just spoke to people and just tried things. And you know the book is about that anybody can build confidence through courage. Courage is that thing that you need to kind of tap in to to bring about confidence and talk through various examples of my own. My working life, my personal life where I've kind of jumped in but I also talk about what is confidence.

[00:09:07] You know what is the thinking behind it and the belief systems that you need. Because a lot of us have trained our brains without even thinking about into negative beliefs and I'm sure that you could talk for a whole podcast on this on changing your brain more into the positive in believing you know what I can rather than I can't. So there are loads of exercises in the book to take you thorugh real life examples to build your confidence.

[00:09:42] It's interesting I was just reflecting on that whole phrase. 'I can't ... I can't do it. I can't do this today' and thinking about some of the ways to really challenge yourself with that and changing the words to 'I won't do this' 'I'm not going to do this' 'I'm not allowed to do this' you know playing around with it and just seeing which one it really is. When you say I can't do this because I was always taught and it was a throw away line really I think I learned it from somebody at school, a teacher can't means won't. And it was just said as a throw away. But and I didn't really attach much thought to it. But when you think about it actually that can be very true because can't isn't about not having the ability or the resources it's more I just give up isn't it an edge. You know that word I can't I can't do it any more.

[00:10:40] Yes and it's quite negative.

[00:10:45] It's very different from. I'm unable to do this you know that smacks more of you've thought about it. You just don't have the resources or you don't have the support or the money or whatever it is you know you've tried. But I'm actually unable to do this. You know that's that's the person who who can't put a right glove on because they don't actually have a right hand that's unable.

[00:11:19] Yes and bringing that back to confidence. It's everybody's got that innate ability to learn confidence. It's the want that's really important and you know it's like can't that you talk about. But actually is it more around. Do you want to actually. How much passion have you got that you really want to learn confidence. That's the biggest thing I we say to clients. You know you've got to have a want for change and development. That want and knowing it is the biggest challenge. And it's almost like the first stage it's realization that actually I do want this. This is important to me. We've all got the ability but we need the want because that brings the motivation.

[00:12:04] Yes. I would absolutely agree with you on that. I mean my my feeling about this is that we actually had the confidence inside us already we don't know it's there and we have to tap into it.

[00:12:14] But it's something that we can do is generate. You know it's not something that comes externally and is given to you. You've already got a little pot with the word confidence on it it's just how do you know. How do you trigger that. and then how do you grow it and that's down to you.

[00:12:28] But it's in you already you know some of it is well you know you need help and support and that's where people like you come in and coaching and helping people get clear on what it is at stopping them getting you know getting to the confidence zone.

[00:12:46] Were all born with confidence if you think about young children how they're always trying to grab at things and try new things. They're fearless aren't they. We kind of learn lack of confidence over the years you know. And it could be by you know parents saying things to us that maybe have a negative connotation or to certain experiences that we remember and they get kind of almost become stuck in the memory of the brain and that's what we remember that I can't.

[00:13:13] Yeah it was painful. It's about pain and being pain averse and turning back from pain.

[00:13:18] I guess the key message is that we do have the ability. We've all got it. It's just about unlocking and unleashing it.

[00:13:27] So people want to work with you Danielle. How can they find you?

[00:13:31] Well they can find me at my Web site which is danielledrozd.com. Or I float about social media quite a lot. So you can find me on Facebook as Danielle Drozd and I post to each day daily inspiration and you can contact me there as well or my website. I'm also on Twitter. The handle is @_dear_danielle and I'm also on Linkedin as well under Danielle Drozd.

[00:14:10] So as you know this podcast I create is about emotional strength it's about where do we find that inner drive and strength to do the things we want to do, achieve things or just live more joyfully and come through adversity and so Danielle I wonder what does emotional strength mean to you?

[00:14:31] Emotional strength is ......well I touched on it earlier it's courage for me. I think it's just tapping in to that part of yourself that wants something different. It's just allowing yourself to be the best version of you. You know it doesn't matter whether it's a big thing or a small thing. Small steps build confidence and makes it stronger and it makes your emotional intelligence stronger because you grow in wisdom and you learn. So I just think if you each day can focus on being a little bit better to be that best version of yourself then that makes you grow emotionally.

[00:15:08] Wonderful. Thank you so much for joining me.

[00:15:11] It's been a pleasure. Thank you so much Diana

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