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Dr Debra Campbell - Into the 'Lovelands'

Dr Debra Campbell is an author, psychologist and former uni lecturer in relationships. She has worked as a psychologist in private practice for a number of years and also as a couples therapist.

Debra started out as an actor making regular appearances as a teenager in Neighbours and other Melbourne TV institutions. But she found herself drawn to personal spirituality and gradually moved away from acting and into yoga and mindfulness teaching.

Eventually the desire to continually deepen her understanding of the human condition led her to undertake a PhD in psychology.

In her book 'Lovelands' she writes of growing up, struggling with love and relationships, being an actor and both sides of therapy – patient and therapist. More than a memoir, Lovelands helps readers understand how to overcome hurts and losses and become the hero of their own lives from the inside-out, despite everything life dishes out along the way.

Debra's wise words from this show - " For me emotional strength really comes from the the core of our whole existence which is love and you know at risk of sounding a bit cheesy I try to make that really practical and say I believe there's three great loves of all of our lives.

If we listen to those and we develop those and we're guided by those then we live our best possible life with the least to regret because really they're what matters most.

Firstly that we have mindful relationships with other beings. And you know you can be a loner and still have mindful relationships with with your garden with your sense of the sacred with your animals. It doesn't only have to be with people. It doesn't have to be romantic relationships but always mindful relationships.

Then there's having some self acceptance some self compassion or we can call it self-love. Without that we're not really able to let our talents and our skills come through to the fore. We're not really able to feel emotionally free in the world without a sense of accepting ourselves. So that's the second great love.

Then I think the third is our sense of meaning purpose or flow. That can be in our work or our leisure or hopefully both. Peak experiences of being absolutely immersed in some passions of ours whatever they might be they might be arts or sports or anything at all. But that we are able to immerse ourselves and become one with experience and live for the joy of our own experience as often as we can.

I think if those three loves are operating the self-love, mindful relationships and some experiences that flow then we're on track to our best life."

Thank you so much for listening and supporting the show and I hope you enjoy our conversation

Diana x

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