• Diana Rickman

Dr Sharon Livingston-Get Lost Girlfriend.

Dr Sharon Livingston is a top marketing strategist, communications expert and the author of the book Get Lost Girlfriend-How I Found Myself When My Best Friend Dumped Me, a fictional account of her experience of being 'dumped' by her BFF.

She experienced the pain and bewilderment of being dumped out of the blue by someone she considered to be her closet and 'best friend.

She was devastated at first but as she began to come to terms with what had happened she began to realise that mixed in with the pain and sense of loss was a sense of finding something new and more supportive.She realised she could be her own best friend and in every crises there's an opportunity too!

To learn more about Dr Sharon's work or buy her book please head over to http://getlostgirlfriend.com/

Thanks so much for listening and I look forward to sharing with you next time.


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