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How to Establish Love, trust and boundaries - Emma Langton

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Emma Langton's life changing journey began when she and her husband decided to adopt two gorgeous girls and she took some time at home to help them overcome their difficult start in life.

She began to learn about attachment, trauma, fear, loss and how early life experiences can shape our futures.

It was during that time of discovering how to best help her girls that she became interested in psychology and how we respond and react. It made perfect sense to her and she wanted to know more.

Redundancy enabled her to retrain in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching. She knew that her work and personal experience would give her a wealth of understanding to help to bring out the best in people and enable them to have a better balance in their life.

Now Emma loves helping stressed and overwhelmed business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs to feel empowered, in control and able to enjoy life more.

Emma and I talked about the importance of creating balance in our life learning to love and accept ourselves and the need for firm and actionable boundaries.

Emma's wise words from this show - "Stop beating yourself up because my theory is there are plenty of people out there that are gonna give us the judgment and their criticism and their expectations of us. So really we don't need to have 'beat ourselves up' on our To Do list and it makes a massive impact on us the way that we speak to ourselves."

"I think emotional strength is where we know deep inside ourselves almost like in our very core that we can trust ourselves and our decision making and we can trust ourselves that what we do is right for us even if it's not right for everybody else and that gives us that kind of inner strength at that inner core that helps us to feel comfortable within ourselves really.

It's something that comes from deep inside us hat we are really comfortable just being us actually being ourselves."

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