• Diana Rickman

How to cope with difficult people mindfulness meditation.

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Creating a bubble to surround and soften difficult people. How we react to what people do and say is our choice but every now and then wouldn't it be good to wrap them in a bubble and gently float them away?

Very often people who describe themselves as feeling depressed or suffering from the ‘blues’ also report feeling unheard or unable to express how they truly feel. It’s often easier and less painful to stay quiet. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the well-intentioned advice and suggestions from friends and family who know just what you need to ‘feel better’. Whatever the situation the following mindfulness meditation might help you to feel a little more in control of any relationships you have and whilst we can’t change others when we change how we react to them it does help us to feel better about ourselves and that’s always a good thing.

With thanks to https://www.purple-planet.com/ for the music