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Karen Ramsay-Smith - Creating Radiant Leaders

Updated: May 9, 2019

Karen Ramsay-Smith is an intuitive visibility and empowerment coach with a background in senior marketing and communication roles.

When Karen went through a huge emotional upheaval she found herself at a point where she felt completely lost. She began to question her work and role in life. Everything she thought she should be doing had no meaning anymore.

That was the start of her self development journey. She hired a coach and had a huge outpouring of emotion which made her realise how lost and out of touch with her feelings she had been over the years. But it also brought her to where she is now, coaching and starting her own business.Now she combines her strategic skills with powerful coaching and mindfulness. Her mission is to support women to reconnect with themselves so they feel free to speak their truth with passion and courage and learn how to share the message and story with the world.

I hope you enjoy our conversation


You can connect with Karen through her facebook group Radiant Leaders https://www.facebook.com/groups/radiantleaders/?hc_location=ufi

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Diana x

Show Notes follow:-

[00:00:24] Welcome to the show. Karen.

[00:00:27] Thank you very much. I'm absolutely delighted to be here.

[00:00:30] Fill in the gaps for us a little bit. I mean it's a great bio. But tell us what's going on behind the scenes a little bit about you.

[00:00:38] Yeah sure so my background is as you said is in marketing and comms and I basically went through a huge emotional upheaval last year. And yeah I just brought myself to a point where I felt really lost and just needed to find myself again and I started on my self development journey. I hired a coach and I had a huge outpouring of emotion and it really made me realise how lost I was over the years and it took me then a good few months to find myself again through coaching and through the experience of coaching. I also had emotional freedom technique as well. Um yeah it's brought me to now coaching and starting my own business. So I've got a family of two children and a partner. So all of the things that we have you know as women in our career and family juggling everything but anything that's go it goes on for us and has brought me to this point really knowing myself self-regard and really stepping into my truth. And that's what I help women with today.

Diana [00:02:01] It's an interesting starting point but one that happens quite often as people get to a point themselves where they think something needs to change or I need to do something. And then from there encouraged then to go share that with other people. That's what you've done really.

Karen [00:02:20] Yeah absolutely and that is really one of my own values. My business is really legacy and passing it on. So what I really really believe is that we need more women leaders in the world and I believe those leaders need to be authentic leaders. I believe that we need more feminine energy in this world. And I believe that we need the feminine traits and the feminine gifts that we're given as women to really help change the world and to change the world a better place for all of us. And I believe that there's a real ripple effect that can be given by women really stepping into the truth of who they really are and living the lives they live in the truth and throughout their lives not just within their businesses but within their whole life as well.

Diana: [00:03:13] So living with integrity and being authentic. We've talked about how you got a point where you needed to change something even if things were obviously not going quite well for you. But I'd like to expand a little bit on that. Sounds like you hit a bit of a rock bottom. What was your catalyst for change. What happened.

Karen: [00:03:35] Well basically how it rolled out was that I'd had a very successful career. I know that was kind of where I thought my whole life was mapped out. I'd got to a very senior position and been through quite a hefty restructure to get that position. And really just realized not very far into that role that it wasn't what I wanted even though I'd sort of led myself to to that throughout my whole life really in terms of my career. And then several sort of personal things happened and it was just almost as if because I wasn't aligned with was supposed to be doing in my life everything started spilling over and was out of control really that's all I can describe as that I think because I wasn't living my true life I wasn't being true to myself. I was trying to do something that I thought it was very much I should be doing this you know this should be my next step in my career. I wasn't giving myself the freedom or allowing myself to really feel the freedom to be the creative person that I really was.

Diana: [00:04:51] Just wondering how you get to that point. How do you make that decision to make that massive change. That's a scary thing to do.

Karen: [00:05:01] It a really really scary time. And I just remember sitting in my office and looking out of the window it was only November last year. And thinking to myself I'm not going to be here this time next year. I just instinctively knew something was going to change and I felt almost as if I didn't have a choice. I don't think it was so much a conscious decision back then so I think I kind of made almost a pact with myself that I was going to be true to myself and not I wasn't going to lie to myself anymore and I don't think I was consciously lying to myself because I think I just got so caught up in the round about of every day a life and work and family in everything else that we have to do in our lives. And I just let it all get out of control and let my life happen to me instead of creating the life that I wanted.

[00:06:04] And it was a big realisation that something had to change and I didn't really know what had to change at that point. I knew instinctively that my work was very wrapped up in me and vice versa and the realisation that it's all you know everything is intertwined you know we don't have seperate work lives to business lives we don't have separate family lives toa nything else that we're doing it's all intertwined and it's part of our bigger picture. And I think that was that was something that really grated with me because my job was taken over my life and I couldn't you know I wasn't feeling it anymore I wasn't feeling aligned to it and I wasn't feeling that it was serving me or fulfilling me. I think it's probably the best word.

Diana: [00:06:53] I love that you say that the differentiation between when you're at home and your work life. Particularly I think as women you can't switch it off and then now I'm at work and I'm just going to be the work person. And I wonder where that comes from? I have a feeling that it's a very muscular model and it works. based on the way male brains do to some extent which is to be able to compartmentalise better then female brains can. I mean I'm generalizing here but I think thats some of it. And so I wonder if that was the feeling of alignment. Again you're out of alignment because you're trying to not only do something that doesn't feel right you're not expressing yourself but then you're trying to do it in a way that's not non-intuitive to you. You know you're trying to you're trying to copy a masculine model. When you when you're not male I wonder at that. Does that make any sense to you?

Karen: [00:07:58] It does absolutely and I think particularly with any creative roles if you are a creative person and you are aligned to any kind of creativity which you know I believe is one of the fundamentals of being an entrepreneur. You know when you're trying to sort of squash that into an office job or a job that requires you to be quite linear in your thinking especially with some of the roles within large organizations in a lot of processes and policies and things and it kind of crushes that that way of working and you become very constrained and you feel you know you feel less free.

[00:08:40] You feel that you can't express yourself fully and you kind of start the wrong way round with the creative process and that's one of the things that I absolutely adore with what I'm doing now is that I can expand my creativity and expand the person's creativity that's working with me by actually doing the groundwork by just starting afresh and creating something new and that there's no particular process if you like to doing that is it's very bespoke to that person because it's unique you know it's uniquely you. How are you. How you create your own message and mission in this world is unique to you and that's what I love about it because it is so creative.

Diana: [00:09:29] So tell us a little bit more about what you're doing now then.

Karen: [00:09:32] So what I do now is I work very closely with the ladies that I work with. My desire for each lady that I work with is for them to really feel what they're doing, to emotionally connect with what they're doing. And I help them to do that by emotionally connecting back to themselves so that they feel what they're doing they feel connected to their mission connected to their message.

[00:10:06] And we then work together once we've sort of done the grounds work which I believe all of my work is as well is that we then go on to sort of craft the mission and message. So I do use my marketing and communication skills but not in a very traditional way. So I tend not to use the marketing speak if you like. I tend to just work with the person on a very personal level you know just get down to the nitty gritty of actually what's really going on. What do they really care about what do they really stand for. So that they can really feel the passion in what they're trying to create whether it's a business or in their career or in their life where they just want to lead their life and to help them to really connect back to themselves is such for me such an important thing to do to be able to live your life fully from a place of joy from a place of love and joy and that to me is a real essential groundwork for anybody really who wants to live a happy joyful and be successful in their life and their work you know whatever you're doing.

Diana: [00:11:23] Joy absolutely I love that word. It's interesting it's not a word I used to use a great deal maybe six years ago or so you know I'd have felt uncomfortable using that word in a sentence. So it's integral really to the way I live my life as well I'm looking for the joy in things and always honouring the joy in things as well. So I just wonder going back to that difficult time if you could just leap back then now can help that little echo of you back there. What advice would you give to yourself.

Karen: [00:12:03] The advice I would give to myself would be to spend more time being quiet spend more of my time listening to what my heart was telling me. One of the things that I have and I practiced mindfulness for four years and I'm actually doing my mindfulness teacher training next year. And that's one of the modalities that I use with the ladies that I work with but I find that mindfulness is so special to me because it has opened up a whole new world to me of connection to myself connection to other people connection back to our world our natural world. It's a very special thing to be able to listen to yourself and think about the things that you really need to do in order to help you to move on. Because we quite often don't listen to ourselves really. We're busy trying to do all the things that we think we should do. And actually there's a lot of things that we need to do for ourselves to help us to feel free. And yes so it would be very much a thing about connection, connecting back to myself by being quiet and being still.

Diana: [00:13:26] And that's much harder to achieve than it seems isn't it.

Karen: [00:13:30] It is well we're very busy aren't we. We were all very busy ladies. But it's so important to make time for yourself and you know for me it's one of my daily selfcare routines is to do my meditation and my mindfulness because it's time completely for me. And I know it's going to set me up for the day. And I know I'm going to be able to speak from a place of real truth because I have connected to it.

Diana: [00:13:57] So tell us. We wanted to work with you or find out more about your work. What would we do?

Karen: [00:14:02] So if anybody wants to find out more about me I run a very special community that I feel is very special to me and the ladies that are in it called radiant leaders on Facebook. And I would love any woman who's connected with what I've been talking about this evening is to just contact me through that group or my business page is. The bigger picture coach. Or you can just private message me through my business page and you can find out more about what I do now and all of my website and everything is all connected from Facebook I do a lot on Facebook. I really enjoy connecting with people. For me it's all about connections and you know understanding the real people that we really are and getting back to ourselves which to me is the most important thing.

Diana: [00:14:56] So one of my many passions is emotional strength and how we create it, how do we nurture it. how do we encourage it in other people. So that's really why I created the podcast and I'm just wondering what does emotional strength mean to you?

Karen: [00:15:24] For me emotional strength comes from letting go. So I think you find strength when you realize that a lot of life is about letting go not just about you know taking the bottle top off your emotions which is what happened to me. So not just letting you know letting it all out when you feel like things are spilling over but actually making it part of your day making strengthening yourself and your emotions part of your day by connecting back to yourself and letting go of the things that are not serving you anymore you know those relationships that aren't serving you anymore. The work that isn't serving you anymore. The habits that are not serving you anymore. All of these things help us to live a life that's not so attached to everything. And for me when you start to live like that your joy and your creativity and your love flows better throughout your life. That energy that we all really crave is there it's there for the taking but you have to do the work and then once you start working on yourself it really opens up a new world to you it opens up a world of joy and creativity and love and you begin to feel very rich that way.

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