• Diana Rickman

Lauren King - Mindset, weight loss and wellness.

Lauren King's unique coaching style and commitment to her clients comes from an authentic understanding of how it feels to be unwell, unfit and overweight.

Her personal journey back to health inspired her to create beslimweightloss.com and it's her passion to inspire and encourage women to be the best, happiest, healthiest version of themselves.

She believes we should never accept things can't change or get better and encourages women to make lifestyle changes a PRIORITY ! As a qualified Weight Loss and Holistic Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer. Lauren runs online coaching programs that help clients adopt a healthier lifestyle and uses the latest breakthrough health products to support her clients on their journey to health.

Lauren specialises in Weight Loss & Wellness Body Transformations with women aged 45 and over who are struggling with their weight, hormones and overall health, and are looking to improve their fitness, lose weight and transform their body and mindset.

To learn more about Lauren and to try one of her transformational free programmes please head over to her website www.beslimweightloss.com.

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