• Diana Rickman

How to stick to your new year resolutions.

Have you noticed, we're at the start of another year, how did that happen? I don't know about you but for me 2016 for me went by in a blur.

I suspect it's the result of having a full calendar each month. This year we invited 2 overseas students into our home from Germany and Japan. It's been a wonderful addition to our family life but has also meant I've been managing the social calendar of 3 teenagers. Thank goodness for Emotional Freedom Technique!!!

As I write this there are just a few more hours to go until the start of the New Year and I find myself reflecting on the things I've achieved and the things that I had plans for but didn't manage in 2016. Planning and scheduling for the year ahead is something I love doing now. I take myself off for a few hours with coloured pens and paper and plot, scheme and dream for the year ahead.

In the past I'd have been thinking about New Year resolutions and making vague suggestions to myself about things to give up or do. Read more, lose weight, exercise more, practice the piano more. My resolutions were never very specific and the result was I didn't stick at them for long.

Then I started to learn about the power of intention and motivation. I realised that the reason I didn't stick to the changes I listed for myself was that I wasn't emotionally involved with my goal or resolution. They were big and vague. So when I said lose some weight I had no idea how much or why or how I was going to achieve that or feel if I did.

Making any resolution personal is key. Lose weight becomes... Lose 5 kilos in 5 months - Start by replacing cake and biscuits at morning tea with fruit. The result is I'll feel more comfortable in my clothes and happier with how I look in the mirror. Fine tune your why and how as you go along

Well that was 6 years ago now and I'm happy to tell you that it worked and in fact not only do I feel more comfortable in my clothes I also felt inspired to start running every day and take up pilates again. The result is my energy levels are sustainable and I feel more vibrant and confident than I ever did in my 40's.

One last thing to add is I no longer believe in New Year resolutions! I know if you want to change or achieve something you don't have to wait for a special date or time.

Start now! Make it all about you, your feelings, your achievement.

Make it fun and inspiring and involve others in your plan.

People who share an intention and get support are far more likely to stick at it and achieve their goal.

I wish you an amazing 2017 whatever you decide to do.


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