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Rebecca Boulton - The Hormone Mentor

Rebecca Boulton is a reformed corporate girl, who suffered major burnout after the birth of her first baby. She tried to return to work but was plagued by exhaustion. Tired of being told by her doctor that she should just expect to feel like this being a working new mum she set out to find a way to feel better.

Rebecca began researching the effects of food on our hormones and this led to her retraining in Nutrition 7 years ago.

Now Rebecca is a Nutritional Therapist and founder of the Hormone Mentor. She helps stressed out women who are sick of feeling tired all the time, overwhelmed and struggling with intense mood swings and food cravings to take control of their hormones and manage the symptoms through food and lifestyle changes.

She loves helping other women make changes to their diet that have a positive effect on their life and offers a 'Heal Your Hormones' Strategy Call which is a chance to discuss your own unique hormonal problems and find out what steps you need to take to balance them naturally. The link to book is www.rebeccaboulton.com/book-a-call/

Rebecca's wise words from this show - "It's not about dieting, it's about fuelling and nourishing your body. I think when you go down the diet path that's when you feel deprived. If you're thinking about putting foods in your body that you know will help you to feel better and will help nourish you that is a much more positive way to look at it then you don't necessarily feel deprived and you often find yourself crowding out the bad stuff that way."

"For me the best place to start is to just think about making sure you have been having foods which are 1 ingredient. Just focus on real whole foods as a starting point. So often you go in the supermarket you see all these tins all these packets and things and they've got a long list of ingredients but just go back to basics think about good protein sources, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. Keep it simple!"

What emotional strength means to Rebecca - "I think it's about resilience. I think it's about being able to pick yourself up and look at things positively and think about how you can change things.

Emotional strength is something that just comes from really deep within you. I think people have it a lot more than they realise and for me it's about not needing to push yourself out there and be attention seeking all the time but just being quietly strong and having that deep inner strength."

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