• Diana Rickman

Rebecca Gibson - A forward thinking medium

Rebecca Gibson is a forward thinking medium, helping women align their soul and path with their business.

She combines spiritual guidance with tangible methods for her clients calling on her 20 years of experience working in the Australian prison service as a highly qualified Psychiatric Nurse.

Rebecca changed her path after the birth of her daughter and as she puts it 'a serious case of burnout'. She now uses her skills and expertise to help women who have difficulty saying no and are putting their own physical and mental wellbeing at the end of their to-do list. Through her coaching practice, Transform your life, she works with people ready to serve humanity on a higher level by illuminating their path and bringing deeper understanding of what is really possible in life and business.

As mum to a pre-schooler Rebecca's life is busy and varied but when she's not caring for her daughter Rebecca can be found writing her books, organising workshops and proving that following your authentic path brings it's own happiness and rewards.

If you like to learn more about Rebecca and her work please head over to her website www.rebeccagibson.com.au.

I hope you enjoy the conversation

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