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A Real Man's Guide To Heartbreak - Rick Sharpe

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Rick Sharpe is a man on a mission to raise awareness about emotional struggle and to help others suffering emotionally.

At his 'rock bottom' moment Rick realised that he didn't know or like the man he saw looking back at him from the mirror. He knew that he had manifested the demise and painful breakup of a relationship and that history was repeating itself in some way shape or form. To better understand what had happened and to try to manage his debilitating thoughts and feelings he sat down and started journaling.

Rick is the author of 'The Price of Heartbreak'. He wrote his book with the intention to help others suffering from intense emotional heartbreak so they feel they're not alone. It's a refreshing take on the struggles of human existence from the eyes of a man who has opened his heart to emotional vulnerability and enlightenment.

With suicide being the leading cause of death in men under 50 and one in five people suffering from a mental health problem, Rick wants to demonstrate to others that it's possible to heal from failed relationships and transform your own life in the process.

Rick’s vision is to impact millions suffering from depression, anxiety and relationship problems in a relatable way and to inspire men to be able to express their emotions and ask important questions which allows them to listen to the truth, vulnerably and mindfully.

Rick says "Well to be honest the book never really started out to be a book. It was a journey that started with journaling initially. It was scary, because I grew up in a generation where you didn't reveal your feelings you toughed it through. I lived in an alpha male environment from a sports perspective as well as air traffic control background. Nobody standing around you would have any indication that you were in a situation professionally that was basically frying every nerve in your body because you suppressed it."

"So those things on top of the emotional handicap of a avoiding being vulnerable and repressing any kind of feeling that I had when it came to those types of things. It was just layer upon layer of repression or a number of years and that had to be unravelled. But it was scary and I was avoiding speaking to people about my personal feelings because number one it was a it was none of their business and it was a way I could avoid feeling 'less than a man' in front of other people."

"But eventually you know you have to get by that and to open up your deepest feelings to the whole world that was really scary and it's still scary to a certain extent but I realised that there are some extreme emotional benefits from doing that."

Rick's wise words from the show... "Society has this stigma about men that they need to be the provider and they need to be the emotional supporter and they need to be the mentor and all these things. If any one of those things fall by the wayside we really struggle with that because now we're being less then what we set out to be for our partner or for our families and people and we don't want to admit it. ..........So it's really difficult for a lot of men and that's why 75% of suicides in the UK and Australia are men because they they don't know where to go with those feelings"

What emotional strength means to Rick - "Emotional strength I think means that everything does pass even though when you're in a dark place it seems that you are alone and that's your life but that's not the case. Everything passes and I think emotional strength means having the strength to reach out to others and be able to express those deepest darkest emotional feelings. In a way you're not holding on to them and in another way releasing them and that's where we find a lot of light."

Thank you so much for listening and supporting the show if you're ready to take action and make changes in your life check out Rick's book and website using the links below.

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