• Diana Rickman

Serena Low - The Hero Within

Serena low is an Amazon best selling author and a midlife career mentor.

Her book The Hero Within - Reinvent Your Life One new chapter at a time. Reached number one on Amazon Australia and Kindle within days of being published. That's no mean feat is it.

Serena followed an interesting path to coaching. At 35 years old she said goodbye to 11 years as a government lawyer because she had a question that just refused to go away. 'Is this all there is?' and in her quest for direction and a fresh purpose she discovered the transforming power of personal development.

Serena is on a mission to help midlife professionals get powerfully clear on their purpose and message. Ready for the best years ahead. She delivers strategies that transform teach resilience and encourage perseverance.

It's clear when you listen to Serena working in harmony with her clients and guiding them towards their vision of the future is the foundation of her coaching style. No programs just attention to the individual and their needs.

You can learn more about Serena's work at www.serenalow.com.au. As always I hope you enjoy our conversation and that maybe it sparks a little something in you that sends you on your way towards your new purpose.


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