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Helping Young Adults Secure Their Future - Tina Leigh McDonald

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Tina Leigh McDonald managed for many years with a chronic pain condition but when a car accident forced her to leave her corporate job she realised that part of her recovery and rehabilitation was going to mean returning to work in a way that she could manage but that still allowed her to support people in the way that she loved.

She established her business Avalanche Coaching and now she splits her time providing leadership and soft skills training to businesses and also supports 16 to 24 year olds with career guidance helping them to transfer from school into apprenticeships, university or work.

She says having a chronic pain condition limits the time she can put into her business but her passion for what she does helps her to continue with a purpose she believes in and manage her condition to.

Tina's wise words from this show - "One of the first groups of students I worked with ...... one of the girls came up and she'd filled in a feedback form and it kind of made me quite teary really because she put 'I feel like I've got a future now'.' She'd gone from feeling like there was no chance of her going to university. She'd been told by family and the school that her grades just aren't going to get her into university. So she decided that there was nothing for her that she could do."

"Work needs to be second on the list so your family can be first on the list. It was over a few days of talking to the children and them saying 'oh mum can you help me with this' and me saying 'I'm too tired' and then somebody at work said 'Oh it's really lovely you're always so supportive and always there for me' and that was the moment were I thought I'm always there for the people in the office and I'm too tired to help my children. That's the wrong way round and that's when it had to change. That's when I had to make a different decision."

What emotional strength means to Tina - "For me my strength comes each day as a new day. So I might get up some days and I'm not as strong that day as I was the day before and that's okay. When I get to the end of the day and I go to bed and I say ok I didn't get as much done today but tomorrow is a new day.

One of the greatest quotes that I like is the one that says courage is about saying 'I'll try again tomorrow.' I live by that.

Some days are better than others. Some days I'm able to do so much and I'm full of energy and I feel fantastic and other days I feel burnt out and I go to bed that night and I say 'Okay, so today didn't go to plan tomorrow's a new day.

I don't carry over the day before into the next day. Every day's a new start and possibly a better day."

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