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Tom Mulliez - Adventure Starts Here!

Tom Mulliez turned his rock bottom moment of being laid off from his corporate job into an opportunity to start building his dream business.

Tom created iTrekkers, an outdoor adventure company that allows customers to book guided outdoor adventures online and it's his first entrepreneurial venture after in his words 'Having a number of great ideas that he never took action on.'

Tom has always loved the outdoors and his earliest outdoor adventure memory is being on a trail with his father in the North Georgia mountains.

Tom's wise words from this show - "We are not enabling ourselves to have the emotional strength to deal with life around us and so we're relying on outlets to numb the mind and not live in the moment and that's a sad fact."

"You know if you really think about it humanity we've been around for a very, very long time thousands and thousands of years and all of that life was spent outdoors. We use the restroom outdoors. We found our food outdoors. We got our water outdoors. You know indoors really was only kind of a shelter and it's only really in the last 100 years that's drastically changed. You know if you withhold Ancient Rome Rome society of course. But for the most part we've been outside and that's kind of fed our soul it's fed our mind, our body needs it we need vitamin D we need all these things. And a trend that we're seeing these days is they're calling kids this lost generation because more and more they're spending three four or five hours a day on their phones, tablets."

What emotional strength means to Tom - " I think to me emotional strength means feeling confident in my success and my failure as a father and a businessman and you know all the different hats we wear.

Being okay with that and I understanding that not everything is inside of my control but those things I do control I should care about and that I should continue to move forward for me personally and for those that I love. If I fail then that's going to be okay as long as I know I gave it my best shot.

You know that encompasses where I draw my emotional strength from and what I feel about it. If more of us did that then this world will be in a much greater place. We tend to blame others for everything that goes wrong and we tend to let ourselves lose control, you know float away for lack of a better term. But for me it's just working on myself daily and understanding what's important and being focused on that and controlling what I can and accepting what I can't and just move forward."

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