Setting a trigger or reminder

We all need reminders when we're setting up a new behaviour or setting an intention for the way we want to be.

Take some quiet time to decide how it is that you want to be or what behaviour you want to change. What is your intention.

You might have different intentions for different situations. For example:-

At work :- focused, creative, productive
On the tennis court: calm, assertive, focused

Sit and tap as you think about the way you want to be. Try to limit it to just one or two words.

It's important to keep it personal and simple. For example a busy mum who often feels overwhelmed by the noise and mess created by her children might have a long list of changes and outcomes focused mostly on her children's behaviour. The thing is having a long list just adds to the overwhelm and if other people have to change so you feel better the chance of failing or giving up becomes greater. So focus on yourself and decide no more than 3 intentions for any situation such as:-

calm, controlled, thoughtful

If you have a number of different environments or situations in which you'd like to feel or react differently you might find the same word applies to all of them.

Then each time you get a reminder on your phone or as you walk past a trigger point, reflect for a moment. Am I feeling calm etc. If the answer is no ask yourself “How you could change how you feel now?” , “Why you feel that way ie what's happened.”

If you feel the need then tap in the intentional feeling.

Using tapping to help
Tapping on the side of the hand point say 'Even though I've noticed I don't feel very (insert word here) right now I'm ok'

Then tap around all the points breathing as you go and focus on any sensations you have in your body. Maybe you have a tight feeling in your shoulders.

The point of all this and it's important, is not to give yourself a hard time because you haven't stuck to your intention. You might have to remind yourself more than 20 times in 1 day at the start. That's perfectly ok and very normal!

Remember you're trying to convince your brain that it's preferred way of reacting to a mental stimulus to keep you safe is no longer necessary. I don't need that fight or flight reaction now thanks very much.

There are a number of simple steps that will help you stay on track.

  1. Set a reminder on your phone

  2. Write a message or simply one word on a mirror window using window paint pens,

    whiteboard pens or similar.

  3. Decide that a door way you pass though often or a chair or part of the room you visit

    regularly will be a point at which you reflect. Ie the coffee station at work

  4. Limit your intentions for the day to no more than 3.

  5. Keep it focused be kind and patient. These might remain your intentions for a few weeks